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Kitting – Turning Multiple SKUs Into One

Mar 15, 2021 | Supply Chain

Kitting – Hand Scale or Hand Count with Automated Bagging Systems

Custom kitting, pick & pack services require finesse and a good eye. One common challenge many manufacturers and distributors in fastener industry face is how to count a wide variety of small parts consistently and accurately. Small parts are tedious and often difficult if not impossible to hand count without human error, which is why using a high-quality scale is often a more efficient method.

To find the right solution, Advance takes into account each customer’s requirements for speed, volume, shape, size, and product application.

Accuracy Counts

When accurate counting scales are necessary for packaging small parts, Advance utilizes a Setra Supercount High-Resolution Counting Scale to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. The Setra Supercount High-Resolution Counting Scale is a patented variable capacitance weighing technology that lets the scale display weight changes as small as 1 part in 125,000. The internal resolution, which is four to ten times greater than the display readability, allows operators to work with smaller sample sizes thereby saving time and reducing hand counting errors.

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Multiple SKUs into One SKU

Whether measure-counting parts by weight or counting parts by hand, we will utilize an automated bagging system. For custom kitting projects, we frequently use a Sharp kitting table which mounts directly over the Autobag AB 180 Bagging System. With this setup, parts are sorted directly into the bags greatly increasing speed and efficiency. It’s a super efficient way to combine several SKUs into one SKU and one bag.

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Labeling & Barcoding

In the Advance warehouse, the AB 180 Bagging System operates at speeds up to 30 bags per minute, printing high-resolution text, graphics and bar codes (equipped with the Autobag P1 412C thermal transfer labeler). It is uniquely designed to provide flexible solutions for dynamic packaging environments including short production runs. This versatile system is ideal for packaging small to medium products.

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Custom Solutions

Whether it’s hand counting or hand scale, Advance has a custom kitting solution for you. We also offer our customers bagging, barcoding or labeling services, as well as manual packaging, boxing, re-boxing, and palletizing as well as warehousing and shipping; and a full range of third party logistics and fulfillment solutions. We work with you to find the right fulfillment service for your needs. Contact us today and let Advance find a solution for you.

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