A-L Series Threaded Inserts-Aluminum

The A-L Series Threaded Insert features a knurled body and large diameter low profile head making it ideal for use in punched or drilled holes. It offers the highest all-around strength characteristics and has been designed to be used with Grade 5 or Metric 8.8/9.8 mating screws. The Closed-End A-L Series Insert has an enclosed thread area which eliminates leakage past the threads from either side of the application. The A-L Insert is AVK’s most versatile performer. The A-L Insert can be installed using AVK Pneumatic Tools. These tools can be located at any position on your assembly line. The A-L Insert can be installed either before or after finish.




Exceptional torque strength is achieved as the insert’s knurled body expands filling the hole.

Quality installations even in variable thickness materials are assured by AVK’s spin/spin ARO pneumatic tools and our SPP pneumatic/hydraulic tools.

Superior thread strength is provided due to our internal rolled thread manufacturing process.

Threads gauge before and after installation due to the increased cross-sectional thickness of the thread area. Thread dilation is prevented.

Inventory reduction is possible because of the A-L Series’ wide grip range capacity.

Superior corrosion resistance is provided by our standard zinc/yellow dichromate finish (96 hrs. salt spray to white corrosion). For exceptional corrosion protection we offer a tin/zinc alloy finish.

Available in steel from stock. Additional materials such as aluminum, brass and monel are available by special order.

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