Hose Clamps

Micro Plastics’ Premium Nylon Hose Clamps provide a superior seal on hose or tubing through their patented interlocking design by eliminating the leak path created by the overlapping ring design hose clamps. As interlocking groves are ratcheted together the sealing diameter of the fastener is aligned in parallel, creating a uniform clamping surface.


Clamps may be removed by separating the clamping halves in a perpendicular direction at the seal. Easy installation on most liquid, gas, or vacuum lines.

R.V./BOATING: Plumbing and Accessories.
AUTOMOTIVE: Underhood applications, Heat-stabilized material is available, call for details.

APPLIANCE: Dishwashers, laundry, refrigerators, food preparation equipment.
ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC: Positioning and placement of components and wiring.

Nylon clamps are tough, corrosion resistant and resilient. Parts are removable and reusable.

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