U Nuts

ARaymond Tinnerman manufacturers a variety of spring steel fasteners, plastic fastening components, wire-wound retaining rings, customized precision metal stampings, and Palnut fasteners – a comprehensive line of single and multi-threading pushnut fasteners.


Used to provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels. Parts self-retain in screw-receiving position. The strength of the joint greatly depends on the type of impression and screw size.

Self-retention feature improves assembly time and eliminates costly welding and clinching costs. Easy to assemble, requiring no special tools.

Corrects misalignment in panel mounting holes. Part does not turn as the screw is driven and will not freeze on screw threads.

Serviceable – parts disassemble easily and reliably. Can be used wherever a screw or bolt is used and in place of clinch nuts and weld nuts.

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