AVK Threaded Inserts or Rivet Nuts are blind installed threaded fasteners that feature a knurled body and are ideal installing into the front side of a panel, tube or structure when the backside is inaccessible. They are installed in punched or drilled holes, and have increased strength when used with various mating screws.

When installed, the AVK Threaded Insert’s knurled body expands 360 degrees and fills the hole. This feature provides exceptional torque strength and vibration resistance. The Rivet Nut forms a backside flange onto the material and remains captive to a mating component which can be attached using standard hardware. AVK Inserts can be installed in thinner materials without using weld nuts, clinch nuts and threaded screws.

  • 2.5 greater grip range capacity
  • Exceptional torque strength
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Knurled body expands filling the hole
  • Superior Thread strength
  • Can be installed before or after finish
  • Low profile head
  • Eliminates countersink drilling
  • No dimpling of parent material
  • Exceptional torque and thread strength
  • Used with Grade 5 or Metric Class 8.8/9.8 mating screws
  • Installed with ARO pneumatic tools or hand tools

Applications for AVK Threaded Inserts:

  • Electronics
  • Solar
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Furniture
  • Recreation equipment
  • Lawn and garden
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Sport Utility vehicles
  • Exercise equipment
  • HVAC

About AVK Industrial Products:

AVK Industrial Products are the leading domestic manufacturer of blind installed threaded fasteners/rivet nuts and installation tools for industrial and automotive markets worldwide. Advance Components has been an authorized Master Distributor of AVK Inserts for 35 years.  AVK products feature Spinwall Technology™ which consists of internally threaded inserts and externally threaded studs. Both products can be installed to many materials regardless of thickness. Advance keeps a large inventory of AVK Inserts in stock, and is an authorized AVK ARO Tool repair station.

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