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Coiled Spring Pins, Coiled Tension Pins, Vogelsang Coiled Pins

Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins or Coiled Tension Pins are resilient and versatile fasteners made of tightly wrapped steel that flexes after installation or when a load is applied. The light steel is wrapped around approximately 2.25 times to produce a strong fastener. Coiled Tension Pins can be installed without regard to the direction of the applied load, and provide a minimum of 270 degrees of surface contact in the hole. They absorb shock and vibrations, and equalize stress distribution.

They are an ideal fastener for application in softer materials, as they will not gouge materials.The light wall construction of the Standard Duty style creates a tension pin that is ideal for use in malleable or pliant applications. The Heavy Duty style of Coiled Spring Pins offer superior shear strength and are the best solution for applications with elevated loading or stress factors.

  • 2.25” coil absorbs shock & vibrations
  • Uniform length & flexibility
  • Will not gorge soft material
  • Conforms to out-of-round holes
  • Equal stress distribution
  • Installed without regard to direction of applied load

Applications for Coiled Spring Pins:

  • Mechanical industry
  • Electrical home appliances
  • Handling industry
  • Construction
  • Railway industry
  • Tooling
  • Military/Armaments
  • Agriculture machines
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Packaging

About Vogelsang Fastener Solutions:

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions is the leading manufacturer of tubular engineered fasteners including Rollpins® – slotted tension pins and coiled spring pins. They have manufacturing facilities based in the United States and Europe, and are committed to keeping products in production and in-stock. Advance Components is the exclusive Master Distributor of Vogelsang slotted and coiled tension pins, and keeps a large variety of sizes in-stock for on-time delivery.

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