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What are Palnuts (Pal Nuts)?

Jun 28, 2021 | Fasteners

What are Palnuts (Pal Nuts)? Palnuts are engineered, lightweight one-piece fasteners made of a single-piece of spring steel. They provide a strong fastening solution that is easy to install and replaces costly thread nuts, lock washers, and spanner washers, eliminating time-consuming assembly operations. They are  lightweight fasteners that create a simple connection through sophisticated engineering.

Palnut fasteners provide maximum holding power and are ideal for fastening applications requiring reduced weight, lower torque, and tool-free quick applications.

Types of Palnut Fasteners:

Palnut fasteners come in two types – stamped nuts and push-on fasteners. Both types of Palnuts create secure fastening connections that cost less, weigh less, and are easier to apply than traditional screws or bolts, and welding.


Stamped Palnut Fasteners: Threaded and Self-threading

Stamped nuts come in both threaded and self-threading types. Threaded stamped nuts are lightweight replacements for traditional hex nuts and are ideal for applications requiring lower torque. Threaded stamped Palnuts include the Lock Nut Washer and the Hex Lock Nut.

The Lock Nut Washer fastener has an integral washer that eliminates the need for a separate washer to accommodate a larger hole during assembly. The Hex Lock Nut can be used as a jam nut, and is great for applications where screw length is restricted.

Self-threading stamped nuts form their own threads on smooth die cast, mild steel or plastic studs. By cutting its own thread, these Palnuts create a strong locking force that is vibration-resistant and prevents disassembly. Self-threading Palnut fasteners are several styles: Self-threading Hex Nuts and Self-Threading Washers.

Self-Threading Hex Nuts have an impression near the base which helps when stud height and assembly space is limited. The Self-Threading Washers accommodate larger mating holes, and a seal can be applied to reduce or prevent water intrusion and noise.

Palnut Stamped Nuts

Push-On Palnut Fasteners

Featuring inner teeth that bite onto the material they are applied to, Palnut Push-Ons or Push-Nuts provide maximum holding strength and are easily applied with minimal push on force. There are seven styles of Palnut Push-On fasteners: PS – Sheared Push-Ons; PV – Serrated Push-Ons; PG – Thinwalls; PN – Insert Push-Ons; PT – Bolt Retainers; Rectangular shaped Push-Ons; and Decorative Cap Push-Ons which include One-Piece Metal Top Hats and Two-Piece Plastic Caps.

All styles of Push-Nuts/Push-Ons are self-locking and are used in applications where screws or bolts need to be retained in place before a nut is put in place and tightened. Push-On Palnut fasteners can accommodate a range of stud variations. Insertion and retention depends on the material of the stud, and the thickness of the part. As a rule, retention capability is around three times that of the insertion efforts.

Palnut Push-On Fasteners


  • No tools required
  • Eliminates costly welding
  • Prevents vibration
  • Low profile design
  • One-piece design reduces inventory space
  • Fast application


  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Toys
  • Wagons
  • Coolers with wheels
  • Marine
  • Furniture
  • Lawn & garden


Palnut fasteners are manufactured in the USA by ARaymond Manufacturing. Advance Components is a master distributor of ARaymond products, and has been stocking and distributing Tinnerman/Palnut products since 1972. The Advance Sales Team is highly trained in all Palnut fastener applications, and are happy to assist our customers with quotes and samples. Contact Advance with any questions you have about Palnut fastening solutions. If we don’t have the part you are looking for, we will help you find a replacement. All styles are in stock and available to purchase online.

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