Sales Team

Our highly trained Sales Team provides the best customer service and technical support in the industry for the products we represent, and works to improve customer’s core competencies by truly understanding their challenges.

  • Brad Burel

    National Sales Manager

    P: 972-446-5506

    F: 972-323-3104

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  • Terri House

    VP Account Management

    P: 972-446-5510

    F: 972-323-3117

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  • Sara Vasicek

    Regional Sales Manager

    P: 469-346-9733

    F: 972-323-3102

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  • Ryan Waychoff

    Regional Sales Manager

    P: 972-446-5505

    F: 972-323-3102

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  • Mark Baughman

    Regional Account Manager

    P: 972-446-5514

    F: 972-323-3111

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  • Walter Fleming

    Manager Account Management

    P: 972-446-5513

    F: 972-323-3107

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  • Matt Loftus

    Strategic Account Manager

    P: 972-446-5507

    F: 972-323-3119

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  • Ryan

    Regional Account Manager

    P: 972-446-5520

    F: 972-323-3101

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  • Mallory Cravens

    Regional Account Manager

    P: 972-446-5521

    F: 972-323-3103

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  • Jackie Mastrangelo

    Regional Account Manager

    P: 972-446-5522

    F: 972-323-3106

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