Installation Tools & Kits

AVK Installation Tools

AVK Installation Tools, both pneumatic and hand tools, are used to install blind threaded inserts or rivet nuts into the front side of a panel, tube or structure when the backside is inaccessible.

Pneumatic Installation Tools are used to quickly install threaded inserts or rivet nuts. They feature a Quick-Change thread adaption kit for easy access to thread size component parts. They have a dependable and comfortable ergonomic design with a rocker-style forward and reverse trigger, and provide the highest RPM for optimum installation speed.

  • Uses torque for installation
  • No adjustments for material thickness
  • Comfortable to use, lightweight
  • Knurled nose eliminated “kick”
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick-change thread adaption kit
  • Rugged, reliable design

AVK Industrial Hand Tools that are portable and ideal for field repairs and installations of threaded inserts. Advance carries a variety of hand tools that are portable, easy to use and great for quick installations.

Caillau Hose Clamp Pliers

Caillau Hose Clamps Pliers are used with installations of Caillau CLIC Hose Clamps. Caillau pliers are easy to use and provide a fast 1-2-3 application on CLIC, CLIC R and CLIC E hose clamps. Caillau CLIC Hose Clamps pliers and clamps provide a secure grip when used to attach fittings to hose and tubing.

CLIC series clamps provide a secure grip when attaching fittings to hoses and tubing. They assemble quickly and are ideal for extreme applications. CLIC hose clamps can withstand temperatures -40°C to +140°C.

  • High clamping force
  • Expandable grip
  • Color coding for multiple diameters
  • Efficient spring function
  • Resistant to pull-off
  • Vibration proof
  • Quick, easy application
  • Reusable

Advance Components is a master distributor of AVK and Caillau installation tools and products. Contact the sales team for application solutions, quotes, and samples. Advance is an authorized AVK tool repair station.


Advance stocks installation tools by AVK and Caillau. AVK/ARO installation tools are used to install AVK blind threaded inserts. Caillau manufacturers hose clamps pliers for use with the CLIC series of products.

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