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Why Use Color-Coded Hose Clamps?

Color-coded hose clamps are an easy time-saving feature that helps installers select the correct clamp for the hose diameter. Hose clamps with colored identifying marks improve efficiency during assembly and streamline the installation process. The CLIC family of hose...

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Kitting – Turning Multiple SKUs Into One

Kitting - Hand Scale or Hand Count with Automated Bagging Systems Custom kitting, pick & pack services require finesse and a good eye. One common challenge many manufacturers and distributors in fastener industry face is how to count a wide variety of small parts...

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What Are Socket Head Cap Screws? 7 Styles to Discover

Socket Head Cap Screws are cap screws that have cylindrical heads and recessed hexagonal drive holes. Standard styles have a flat chamfered cap head that is typically knurled and have head height that is the same as the screw’s thread diameter. Low profile styles are...

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What Are Blind Threaded Inserts?

5 Top Styles of Blind Threaded Inserts Blind threaded inserts are a cost-saving fastening solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. They are ideal for applications in thin metal, plastics and composites. What are blind threaded inserts? Inserts have...

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The Duplex Screw – The #1 Reusable Screw

What has an orange hex head top, can be reused multiple times, and comes in multiple sizes? The Duplex Screw - the #1 Reusable Screw in the construction industry. Whether you work in construction, work in concrete, install car audio systems, construct movie sets,...

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Top 5 Push-On Fasteners for Studs

What’s the best fastener that will grip onto a stud and not budge? Push-On Type Nuts by ARaymond/Tinnerman/Palnut do the job. Many in the fastener industry know these fasteners as a type of Palnut - the original manufacturer of Push-On fasteners. We get calls and...

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