Duplex Screws

The Duplex Screw™ is a strong reusable, double-headed hex-head screw that is easy to install, remove and use again. These versatile screws make it simple to hold your projects together, but more importantly, remove your projects quicker and easier. It’s the ideal fastener for temporary structures that must be erected quickly and removed with little effort.

Compared to drywall screws or duplex nails, the Duplex Screw™ can be used multiple times with less effort. Installation with a standard 1/4″ impact driver or Phillips screw driver ensures a firm grip, and an easy application.

Studies show that Duplex Screws™ can be installed as fast as 45 screws per minute compared to duplex nails at 24 per minute. Installation and removal is easy. Unlike using a hammer and nails, the application is effortless and reduces the risk of injury to thumbs, fingers and wrists.The orange-topped hex-head on the screw also makes it easy to install and find – again and again.

  • Out performs saving time & money
  • Multiple re-use
  • Less injury, easy to install & remove
  • Secure bit, snug fitting, no slipping
  • Easy to find bright orange head
  • Sizes 1 1/4″,1 1/2″, 1 5/8″, 2 3/4″
  • Ships in 10 lb. & 25 lb. boxes

Applications for Duplex Screws™:

  • Concrete form work
  • Foul-weather/storm proofing
  • Stage & movie sets
  • Temporary structures
  • Attaching cleats/chocks so loads don’t shift
  • Temporary deck screws
  • Art installations
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Firework display structures

The Amazing Reusable Duplex Screw

How to Use & Reuse the Duplex Screw

Duplex Screws in Action!

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