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Buckeye Fasteners Company, a division of Fastener Industries Inc., has been a leading supplier of industrial fasteners since 1905. The sole factory direct source of the Ohio Nut and Bolt Company, Buckeye Fasteners manufactures fasteners for the automotive, appliance, food equipment, metalworking, medical and furniture industries.

Advance is proud to partner with Buckeye FastenersCompany by offering our customers a variety weld nuts, weld screws and weld pins. Buckeye Fasteners are available for purchase online or contact Advance for your custom solution including bagging and kitting services.


Weld Nuts

Advance stocks four styles of weld nuts manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners: Steel piloted square 4-projection weld nuts (WP); hex piloted 3-projection weld nuts (HS); single-tab spotweld nuts (SN); and double-tab spotweld nuts (ND).

WP weld nuts have a square piloted projection, and are designed for use in through-hole applications. A precision pilot facilitates feeding by locating quickly and positively in the sheet hole. Rounded corners ease use in confined areas and the four projections provide proper seating and strong welds. Long a favorite of automotive and farm equipment manufacturers, the square, piloted weld nut has four large weld projections to ensure a strong, reliable weld every time. The countersunk locating pilot guides the mating part into the threaded hole. Available in various pilot heights so it can be welded to a wide range of metal thicknesses.

HS weld nuts have three uniform projections that ensure reliable contact with the weld surface, even if it is not perfectly flat. The precision pilot accurately locates the threads in the pilot hole and prevents the nut from slipping off center during welding.

The SN weld nut (economy t-nut) is a spot weld, precision-pilot nut which features an optimum welding tab. The tab will take several sizes of electrodes, and permits use of the same equipment, settings and electrodes used to produce your product or product components. If needed, the SN weld nut is designed to function as a stiffener or brace, and can be also be used as a fastener.

The ND weld nut is a dual-tab spot weld nut for applications requiring additional strength where tension is against the weld. It is the standard slot fastener in the aluminum extrusion industry (economy t-nut). The location of the twin-tabs enables the ND weld nut to be used in bridging corners and recessed areas. A precision pilot speeds location and provides a full thread engagement. The ND weld nut can use the same electrodes, equipment and settings used in production, thus eliminating setup and changeover time, thereby lowering costs and time.


Weld Screws

Advance stocks two styles of weld screws manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners: the Right Angle Spot Weld Screw (SS); and the Carbon Steel Surface Weld Screw with three projections on top of the head (GWM).

The SS spot weld screw has a shaped flat spade at a right angle to the threads that permits welding to or through metal surfaces. The spade has been designed to accommodate various sizes of electrode tips. The SS spot weld screw can use the same settings, electrodes and welding equipment used in normal productions.
It is ideal for applications in confined areas such as narrow channels, walled corners and in applications requiring threads offset from component surfaces.

The GW weld screw has three projections on top of the head for welding to the sheet surface, not through it. The GW weld screw eliminates the necessity for holes, thus is ideal for applications where product appearance or potential leakage is a prime consideration. The exterior surface of the product is left virtually unmarred as the screw heads do not protrude or spoil the appearance. The GW weld screw is an excellent choice for blind locations too, because it can be permanently pre-attached.


Weld Pins

Advance stocks two styles of weld pins manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners: Low carbon steel weld pins with projections on top of the head (PG); and projections under the head (PH).

PG weld pins are welded permanently to the component surface and are ideal for applications in concealed locations and blind applications. The cold-forged unit construction of the PG weld pin can perform as a solid bearing surface, hinge pin, stop or mounting pin.
The PG weld pin needs no mounting hole, improving both product appearance and durability.

The PH weld pin has three identical precision projections on the underside of the head permitting the pin to be used on through-hole applications. The projections permit exact positioning and balance for optimum welds. In through-hole applications, the head of the pin is welded to the metal of the component which make the joint stronger than the surrounding area. PH weld pins create strong bolds which are ideal for hinge pins, bearing surfaces, structural supports and stops.

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