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AVK Industrial Products

AVK Industrial Products is leading domestic manufacturer of blind threaded inserts and installation tools. Using state of the art cold forming equipment, AVK manufactures inserts and tools for industrial and transportation markets worldwide, and are used in many applications including:

  • Lawn & garden
  • Medical equipment
  • Military ground support & vehicles
  • Office furniture
  • Recreation
  • Refrigeration
  • RV industry
  • Trucks & trailers
  • Appliances
  • Architectural
  • Auto/Sport/Utility vehicles
  • Electronics cabinetry
  • Exercise equipment
  • Food service
  • Furniture
  • Heating & air conditioning

AVK Blind Threaded Inserts

Blind threaded inserts by AVK Industrial are made in the USA. Using a patented technology called “Spinwall Technology”, AVK inserts have unique mechanical and installation properties which makes the body of the insert expand and fill the hole prior to backside flange formation.

There are two different types of blind threaded inserts: internally threaded inserts and externally threaded studs. Both types of inserts can be installed into a flat, tubular or other shaped material using a hand operated or pneumatic hand held tools. AVK blind threaded inserts are ideal for application into thin materials.

Because AVK inserts are the ultimate blind installed insert, they can be installed right on the assembly line without adjustment even if the parent material varies in thickness. Blind threaded inserts or rivets nuts can be installed after paint or other finishes are applied which eliminates the need for thread masking.

AVK/ARO Installation Tools

Installation tools by AVK are designed to install all types of AVK blind threaded inserts. AVK offers both pneumatic and hand tools for easy, fast installations.

The AVK/ARO brand pneumatic tools have an ergonomic design and outstanding dependability. The tools have a rocker style forward and a reverse trigger that are easy and comfortable to use. Benefits include:

  • Uses torque for installation
  • No adjustments for material thickness
  • Comfortable to use, lightweight
  • Knurled nose eliminated “kick”
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick-change thread adaption kit
  • Rugged, reliable design

AVK Industrial hand tools are portable and ideal for field repairs and installations of AVK inserts. Advance carries a variety of AVK hand tools that are portable, easy to use and great for quick installations.

Advance Components is a master distributor of AVK Industrial blind threaded inserts and installation tools so we have a large in-stock inventory. We also have a highly trained sales team who are able to provide custom solutions to meet your specific assembly needs. Contact Advance with any questions you have about AVK inserts and installation tools.

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