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Projection Weld Pins: On Top or Under the Head

There are many benefits associated with the use of projection weld pins for secure welding projects. Projection welding pins have three projections or "little bumps" or metal spots either on top of the head of the pin, or on the underside of the pin’s head. The...

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Reusable Duplex Screws

FastenerLab hits the road and visits Portland, Maine, to watch the reusable Duplex Screw in action as a team of technicians from Central Maine Pyrotechnics use Duplex Screws to assemble fireworks display forms. FastenerLab host Mallory Nichols, VP of Business...

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Weld Nuts In Stock – Buckeye Fasteners

Weld nuts in stock! Advance is thrilled to announce that we are now stocking weld nuts, pins and screws manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners Company. Buckeye is a division of Fastener Industries, Inc., and is a leading domestic manufacturer of welding fasteners for...

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Palnuts or Pal Nuts? Stamped or Push-On?

Whether you call them Palnuts or Pal Nuts, these fasteners are highly engineered, lightweight one-piece fasteners made of a single-piece of spring steel. They provide a strong fastening solution that is easy to install and replaces costly thread nuts, lock washers,...

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Custom Bagging Solutions

Custom bagging, counting and kitting are cost-saving and time-saving services we offer to our customers and suppliers to improve efficiencies in their supply chain process. Utilizing state of the art equipment from the industry’s best manufacturers, our highly trained...

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Why ISO certification is important for distributors

Many distributors may ask "Why be ISO certified?" The answer is simple. It's all about the customer's trust in the company, and the products they buy from that company. Advance recently received an updated ISO 9001:2015 certification which is in effect until 2025. An...

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What’s Next? Advance Components at 50.

Advance was recently the cover story in The Distributor's Link magazine. We are thrilled to be featured in the top magazine in our industry, and happy to share the contents with you in this post. What's next? Advance Component at 50 just keeps getting better!! Read on...

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FastenerLab Video debuts with Gage Bilt

FastenerLab now features videos about Advance's products. The debut video is hosted by Mallory Nichols, VP of Business Development at Advance, and features Gage Bilt's GB722TCKL rivet and lock bolt installation kit. It's an informative video that gives you a look at...

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FastenerLab Video Debut: Gage Bilt GB722TCKL

FastenerLab debuts its first video featuring the Gage Bilt GB722TCKL rivet and lock bolt installation tool kit. Mallory Nichols, VP of Business Development, opens up the red metal case and introduces you to Gage Bilt's GB722 rivet and lock bolt installation tool and...

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