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Solar Panel Tools & Fasteners

Solar panel tools and fasteners are in-stock at Advance. Harness the power of solar with Gage Bilt rivet drivers, nose assemblies and power units; Goebel blind rivets; and Heyco's full line of solar clips, cable ties liquid-tight cord grips for easy solar panel...

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Showdown: Gage Bilt vs. Huck Rivet Tools

In the high-stakes world of industrial fastening, choosing the right rivet tool is paramount. Two leading contenders emerge: Gage Bilt and Huck. Both offer robust, reliable tools for tackling demanding jobs, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let's delve...

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What is a CLIC Worm-Gear Hose Clamp?

Worm-gear hose clamps are used to attach flexible hoses in a variety of industrial applications. Caillau manufactures CLIC worm-gear hose clamps that have a patented spring mechanism in the clamp, and have colored-coded bands or stripes which indicate the diameter of...

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What are DFARS sourced materials?

Some industrial fasteners are used in applications that require strict material standards. One of our partners - Parker Fasteners - manufactures socket head cap screws with DFARS sourced materials. What are DFARS sourced materials? DFARS stands for Defense Federal...

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Duplex Screw Reviews

Duplex Screw reviews give us an idea of just how versatile the reusable screw is and how happy our customers are with its performance.  Do you Duplex? This is a common question we like to ask our customers, as we love hearing how this mighty fastener helps them save...

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Battery-Powered Rivet Tools: 7 Advantages

What are the advantages for using battery-powered rivet tools? There are many since portable power tools are now stronger, lighter and the batteries keep a charge for longer periods. Being able to take your tools on remote job sites, and reach locations that might be...

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How AVK Pneumatic Tools Install Blind Threaded Inserts

We often get asked, how do AVK Pneumatic Tools install blind threaded inserts? It's a simple process once you match the specific installation tool with the insert. AVK Industrial Products recommends AVK ARO pneumatic tools to install AVK blind threaded inserts. The...

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Push-On Cap Fasteners

There are two types of cap style Push-On fasteners that are used in industrial applications - one-piece metal top hats and two-piece plastic caps. Both styles are used to hide unattractive stud ends, and provide an aesthetically pleasing end cap. Push-On cap fasteners...

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