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5 Types of Push-On Fasteners

No matter what you call them - Push-Ons, Push-Nuts or Palnuts, these fasteners provide a fast and effective attachment on integral studs, rivets, tubing, nails and other unthreaded parts. Made of quality carbon spring steel, ARaymond Tinnerman Palnut Push-On fasteners...

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Company promotions

Mallory Cravens Nichols has been promoted to vice president of business development. She will focus on finding new customers and markets for our products, and growing existing customer relationships through strategic partnerships. Mallory is also president of the...

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Digital Certifications for Fasteners

Some customers request a certification or “cert” when ordering fasteners and installation tools. There are many different types of “certs” that recognize a level of achievement related to a company, products or processes in a company. Many products come with a...

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Checklist for Application of Blind Threaded Inserts

Proper application of blind threaded inserts is important for the strength of the connection. This checklist will ensure that you have considered all of the factors before proceeding with the application. From the materials used to how the fastener should sit, this...

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Best Hose Clamps for Boats

Hose clamps for marine use should be made from high-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion so they won’t rust and fail. The best hose clamps for boats should be manufactured from 316 stainless steel, as well as the screw and gear housing. It’s always important to...

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Affordable Rivet Tools

Looking for affordable rivet tools? Gage Bilt tools are a great alternative to other big name rivet and lock bolt installation tools. They are used to install a wide variety of commercial rivets and lock bolts including Huck®, Avdel®, Cherry®, and POP®, Magn-Grip®,...

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How Do Cage Nuts Work?

A Cage Nut is what it sounds like - a nut in a cage. It’s a multi-threaded steel nut that “floats” in a spring steel cage to offset normal holes misalignment. The “mechanical” hands on the Cage Nut hold the bolt in the receiving position so that the fastener cannot...

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Advance is 50!

Advance Components turns 50 this year. 50 years of distributing industrial fasteners. 50 years of exception customer service. 50 years of trusted partnerships with our suppliers and customers. A lot has changed since 1972, but the one thing that hasn't changed is our...

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Fasteners for Appliances/White Goods

Fasteners for White Goods (large appliances) are often never seen but are vital in holding power and performance. “White Goods” are typically dishwashers, stoves, washing machines and dryers, and other appliances that used to be manufactured in the color white, when...

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