Heyco Solar Panel Clips & Ties

Heyco Solar Panel Clips & Ties

Heyco SunRunner® solar panel clips and ties provide cable management on PV solar panels. Available for single or multiple cables, Heyco SunRunner® clips and cable ties are corrosion and weather resistant, easy to apply, and the perfect solution for solar panel applications.

Made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, Heyco solar clips have a “double-compression” design that firmly holds from one 12 gauge USE-2 to two 10 gauge PV-1000V solar wires.

Heyco cable ties hold cable bundles parallel or perpendicular to the mounting frame without the need for adhesives or mounting holes. Solar cable ties comes in stainless steel and nylon styles.

Heyco®-Tite Cordgrips provides flexibility to use the 1 to 31 of the available holes while maintaining a liquid tight seal around the wires. They are designed for solar rooftop or combiner box installations, and and suitable for use with USE-2 and PV cable.

About Heyco:

Heyco is the leading domestic designer and manufacturer of molded and stamped components for wire management and protection. They use the latest technology to make high quality injection molded products made of 6/6 nylon, polycarbonate high temperature 4/6 nylon, halogen-free VO nylon, polypropylene and other materials. Heyco manufactures products for a variety of industrial applications including Liquid Tight Cordgrips, Strain Relief BushingsDome Plugs, and Hose Clamps.

Advance Components is a master stocking distributor of Heyco. We carry a large variety of products and have a dedicated sales team that is able to provide custom solutions to meet your specific assembly needs. If you are unable to locate a specific part, contact the sales team and we will work with you to find a part or substitute that will meet your requirements.

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