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Battery-Powered Rivet Tools: 7 Advantages

Aug 16, 2023 | Tools

What are the advantages for using battery-powered rivet tools? There are many since portable power tools are now stronger, lighter and the batteries keep a charge for longer periods. Being able to take your tools on remote job sites, and reach locations that might be hampered by a power cord – are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons for investing in portable rivet tools.

No cords, no hassles! Being mobile and still packing power is a great reason to use cordless rivet tools.

7 Advantages of Cordless Rivet Tools



Battery-powered tools are cordless so they allow for more mobility and access to tight or hard-to-reach spaces where maneuvering a cord would be difficult. This makes them useful for work in confined areas.



No power cords to plug in or drape nearby. Battery-powered tools allow you to easily move around a workspace without getting tangled up in cords.


Lower Noise

Battery-powered riveters tend to operate at lower noise levels than pneumatic or air-powered tools since they don’t require loud compressors. This can reduce noise pollution on a job site.



Battery-powered tools have become more affordable in recent years. The lower maintenance costs compared to air tools also save money over time.



Modern battery packs can power a wide range of voltages, allowing the same battery to swap between different tools. This reduces the number of batteries needed.



There is less trip hazard without power cords lying around. No compressor means lower risk of air hose mishaps. Batteries also provide more consistent power delivery.


Lower Vibration

The electric motors in battery-powered rivet tools produce lower vibration levels compared to pneumatic impact tools. This reduces fatigue and wear-and-tear on joints/muscles.

GOEBEL Cordless Rivet Tools

Why Goebel?

Goebel Fasteners manufactures battery-powered rivet tools for a multitude of industries. The design and function of Goebel riveters makes them stand out from other brands, as well as the competitive price. Goebel riveters are easy to use – watch this video and discover how versatile these tools are!


Goebel Rivet Tool Advantages

German Engineering – Goebel tools are engineered and manufactured in Germany, known for high quality standards in power tools. This results in precise machining and robust construction.

Brushless Motors – Goebel uses efficient brushless motors that provide more torque, runtime, and faster driving speed compared to brushed motors. They have higher power-to-weight ratios.

Advanced Electronics – Goebel riveters feature smart electronics that monitor battery status, prevent overloading, and provide optimal speed/power. This maximizes productivity and battery life.

Ergonomic Design – The tools are designed to reduce vibration, noise and be comfortable during extended use. Features like rubberized grips, low profile, and perfect balance reduce fatigue.

Safety Features – Goebel tools have built-in LED lights to illuminate work areas. They also have electric brakes for instant stopping when trigger is released.

Wide Range – Goebel offers a large variety of battery-powered rivet tools for different applications and rivet sizes/types. This covers many user needs.

Durable Batteries – The lithium-ion batteries withstand heavy use and provide long runtimes. Advanced battery management gives them a long lifespan.

Warranty – Goebel offers a comprehensive 3-year warranty on tools and batteries for peace of mind. This highlights the reliability of their products.


Goebel Rivet Tools at Advance

Advance Components is a stocking distributor for Goebel Fasteners’ battery-powered rivet tools. We stock a great selection of Goebel rivet tools for purchase in our online store, or call the Advance sales team for engineering support, custom orders and quotes.

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