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Archive: Month: June 2021

What are Palnuts (Pal Nuts)?

What are Palnuts (Pal Nuts)? Palnuts are engineered, lightweight one-piece fasteners made of a single-piece of spring steel. They provide a strong fastening solution that is easy to install and replaces costly thread nuts, lock washers, and spanner washers,...

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How Do Blind Rivets Work?

Blind rivets are used to join two components together by driving the fasteners through previously drilled holes of the adjoining surfaces. Whether the installation tool is manual, pneumatic or hydraulic, the key factors to successful riveting depends on the quality of...

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Trim & Panel Clips: Snap-On or Slide-On

Trim and panel clips, both snap-on and slide-on styles, are designed for use over trim strips and access plates to attach components, trim and panels together. They are lightweight and are ideal for applications where removability is a factor. Whether spring steel or...

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