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Custom Bagging Solutions

Dec 1, 2022 | Supply Chain

Custom bagging, counting and kitting are cost-saving and time-saving services we offer to our customers and suppliers to improve efficiencies in their supply chain process.

Utilizing state of the art equipment from the industry’s best manufacturers, our highly trained team delivers reliable and precise count accuracy while at the same time providing maximum operational flexibility.

Automated Counters with Automated Bagging Systems


These are super accurate fully automated high-speed counting/bagging systems that feature Batching System, Inc.’s newest Batchmaster III continuous counters with Sharp Packaging System’s MAX 12 continuous roll bagging systems. All systems are equipped with vibratory bowl feeders and Autobag P1 412C thermal transfer labelers for a complete totally automated solution.


Weigh Counters with Automated Bagging Systems


This combination provides a complete semi-automatic solution and is ideal for products that tangle or do not flow easily. Our systems are comprised of an Automated Packaging Systems’ Accu-Scale 220 in-feeding weigh-count scale combined with an Autobag AB 180 bagging system and an Autobag P1 412C thermal transfer labeler.

Allowing for quick set-up and rapid product changeovers so short runs can be accommodated, this set-up provides extreme weigh counting accuracy that is ideal for product flexibility. Advance stocks bags in sizes: 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” – other sizes available.

Kitting Options – Hand Scale or Hand Count with Automated Bagging Systems

When accurate counting scales are necessary for packaging small parts, Advance Components utilizes the Setra Supercount High-Resolution Counting Scale which features a patented variable capacitance weighing technology lets the scale display weight changes as minute as 1 part in 125,000.

Whether measure-counting parts by weight or counting parts by hand, we will also use an automated bagging system. For kitting projects, we frequently use the Sharp kitting table which mounts directly over an Autobag AB 180 Bagging System. With this setup, parts are sorted directly into the bags greatly increasing speed and efficiency.


Custom kits, barcoding & logos

Advance also prepares custom hardware kits with custom labeling, logos, and barcoding.
With our in-line thermal transfer printers we can custom print barcodes and logos onto every bag. Advance stocks bags in sizes 5” x 7” and 8” x 10” – other sizes are available. Additionally, we offer manual packaging, boxing, re-boxing, and palletizing as well as warehousing and shipping.

Advance Bagging Solutions

Custom Bagging done right!

Interested in creating your custom value-added solution? Contact Brad Burel, Vice President Sales, for more information about our bagging, counting, kitting, barcoding and labeling services. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect custom solution.

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