AVK has selected the ARO Brand Pneumatic Tool for its ergonomic design and outstanding dependability. The rocker style forward and the reverse trigger is easy and comfortable to use.

The AVK pneumatic tool features a Quick-Change thread adaption kit. This patented feature allows for easy access to the thread size component parts. AVK’s Pneumatic tools provide the highest RPM for the thread size selected resulting in optimum installation speed.

AVK Tool

AVK Tool details


The AVK ARO tool uses torque to install the AVK product. It needs no adjustment to install the product in variable thickness material.

The ergonomic design of the AVK ARO tool makes it feel comfortable to the operator and weighs in at 3 lbs. (1.36 kg).

The rocker style trigger is easy to use and minimizes operator fatigue.

The knurled nose assembly eliminates any torque “kick” during installation.

Preventative maintenance is quick and easy with AVK’s patented quick-change thread adaption kit. No tools are required to access these parts.

The rugged design of the tool casing, its components and the AVK thread adaption kit provides you with reliability.

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