Bar T Knobs

Davies Molding manufactures plastic knobs, handles, instrument control knobs and other custom plastic components. Always functional and always in style. Excellent variety of sizes and finishes, for any need. Those bar t knobs can be decorated. Knob specifications include a brass insert, steel, zinc plated projecting stud, and hex nut.


Sizes ranging from 1-1/32″ to 3-3/8″:m in diameter. Click on the Buy Now button for more additional information and search by diameter, mounting, material, etc.

Over 20 different shapes of bar knobs and T knobs available in both thermoplastic and phenolic materials. Female insert, projecting stud and thru-hole bar knobs options.

Knobs can be decorated or customized to your specific need. Colors available upon request. Please contact Advance Components for additional information.