Tapered Handles

Davies Molding manufactures plastic knobs, handles, instrument control knobs and other custom plastic components. Positive grip for added comfort and control. Used in machine tools, garden tools, barbecue grills, wood stoves, etc. All handles are made/equipped with a ribbed surface texture for better grip.


Strength, durability, and heat resistance are some of the benefits of this broad range of phenolic handles. Extremely versatile range of mountings. The fluted version provides extra control; both handles have a comfortable grip with several sizes available.

Female insert, projecting stud and thru-hole options are available. Clamping knobs are available in different materials, thermoplastic, and phenolic for a multiple of applications.

Varieties available in phenolic and thermoplastic materials. Perfect for the industrial machinery, medical, general equipment and other industrial applications. Sizes ranging from 1-1/2″ to 4-61/64″ in length. Click on the Buy Now button for additional information and search by diameter, mounting, material, etc.