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Duplex Screw Reviews

Oct 1, 2023 | Fasteners

Duplex Screw reviews give us an idea of just how versatile the reusable screw is and how happy our customers are with its performance.  Do you Duplex? This is a common question we like to ask our customers, as we love hearing how this mighty fastener helps them save money and get the job done.


Here are some of our favorite Duplex Screw reviews:


Fireworks Display Racks

We use Duplex Screws for the securing of our mortar racks on fireworks displays. I love them because they’re faster (less labor) and my crews love them because they’re reliable (no stripping). They are almost vital to our success as a competitor in this tough industry!


Miles A. Kieft, CEO, Precision Pyro llc


We use Duplex Screws exclusively for building our rack pods for pyrotechnic displays.  After years of using nails or deck screws another pyro company we partner with turned us on to these and we haven’t looked back.  Setup and teardown times have been reduced by an average of 40% since the switch.

Thank you for a awesome product!

Jame Howard – Pyrorific Fireworks Display Company, Hondo, TX


Theater, TV & Film Sets

Duplex Screws were first introduced to me when I started here at the University of Michigan back in August. I have been working in the theatre for almost 20 years, and this was the first time I had heard of them and I became an instant fan.

We are constantly assembling scenery with the full intention of taking it apart just a few weeks later. We used to be on the constant hunt for screws that we could no longer find, resulting in frustration and broken screws. Well, those days are gone now that we use the duplex screw.

A big fan;

Chad Hain, Theatrical Scenery Manager, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance


“Our customers in the film and tv industries use Duplex Screws for building flats, moving and shipping walls. It’s a great product that has a variety of uses, and performs better than duplex nails.”

Sam Tiffany, VP, Direct Tools, Burbank, CA


Concrete Form Work

I use Duplex Screws because it saves me a lot of time when removing forms.   Especially when I have to quickly remove a screed form  after pouring one section of slab when the cement truck, and pumper, and my crew is waiting to proceed. TIME IS MONEY!

Gil Barry – Barry Company, Santa Barbara,CA


Duplex Screws are fast, efficient,  accurate, clean and reusable!  They never strip and always hold. Makes pulling forms off freshly poured concrete a breeze with very minimal disruption to curing concrete.

Jeremy Mejdrich,  Neil Concrete, Elgin Il 60124


We are a MFG of plywood concrete forms.  We’ve suggested these to some of our suppliers and contractors to be used alongside our products as a way to secure lumber.  We’ve bought Duplex Screws for our own use in our factory as well.  Great product.

Payson Titcomb, Titcomb Mfg., Westport, MA



I build concrete columns and beams, scaffolding for stucco, forms for cisterns and swimming pools here in Las Galeras, a little village on the northeast coast in the Dominican Republic.

I recently carried 150 lbs. of Duplex Screws in checked baggage on American Airlines. An expensive way to ship, but effective.

These screws, and the accompanying cordless drivers changed our formwork entirely.

We are the best construction crew on this part of the peninsula, and using these Duplex Screws makes us more efficient and, importantly, more conservative of the expensive forming and scaffolding lumber.

Keep up the good work, and many thanks!

Bill Anderson –, El  Otro WA 


Thanks to our customers for sharing your love of Duplex Screws. Do you Duplex? If so, drop us a line and let us know why, and we will send you a Do You Duplex t-shirt! If you don’t use Duplex Screws – try them out today. Try the 10 lb. box and see how great it is to use the strong and versatile Duplex Screws again and again.


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