Face Mask Comfort Straps

Aug 5, 2020 | News & Events

Face Mask Comfort Straps

Advance Components is now stocking and distributing a new kind of fastener that addresses the discomfort associated with face masks.  Face Mask Comfort Straps by ARaymond Industrial were created in response to an ARaymond customer’s request for a fastener that would:

  • Relieve ear discomfort caused by the use of face masks
  • Work with the existing elastic straps on the masks which had already been procured in mass quantity
  • Be produced in large quantities and immediately

The design team for ARaymond Industrial/North America came up with a strap consisting of multiple sets of retaining tabs, for multiple sizes, that were then 3-D printed. They were then tested with local medical professionals to confirm design intent and effectiveness.  Once the design was validated, the production team industrialized manufacturing processes in the interest of speed to market. Nine days later a mold for Face Mask Comfort Straps was running parts in production quantities.

“Stocking and distributing a fastener that brings relief to people who must wear a face mask for long periods of time, is both important and gratifying,” says Gary Cravens, president of Advance.

Face Mask Comfort Straps are the ideal fastener for individuals who must wear a face mask for long periods of time. The straps come in black, and or in packages of ten. Custom colors are available with custom orders.

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