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FastenerLab Video Debut: Gage Bilt GB722TCKL

Sep 7, 2022 | Tools

FastenerLab debuts its first video featuring the Gage Bilt GB722TCKL rivet and lock bolt installation tool kit. Mallory Nichols, VP of Business Development, opens up the red metal case and introduces you to Gage Bilt’s GB722 rivet and lock bolt installation tool and components.

Gage Bilt’s GB722 pneudraulic (pneumatic-hydraulic) installation tool is designed to permanently install a wide variety of commercial rivets and lockbolt fasteners including Avdel®, Cherry®, Huck® and POP®. The ergonomic design makes this rivet gun easy to use with one hand. Equipped with a low effort trigger, the GB722 reduces operator fatigue, and the longer stroke provides a single stroke installation.


The GB722TCKL can be configured to meet your needs, whether you’re fixing Wabash®, Great Dane®, Peterbilt®, Kenworth® or any other brand trailer or truck. The kit includes nose assemblies to pull your fasteners, and at the heart of the system is the heavy-duty GB722 installation tool. All of this is conveniently stored in a metal tool case.

The GB722TCKL kit contains the long 3/16″ Magna-Grip® nose needed to fix Kenworth® and Peterbilts®. Standard length noses for 1/4″ Magna-Grip®, 3/16″ lockbolt nose for stainless steel grill bolts, a nose and 2 tips to install 3/16″ and 1/4″ structural blind rivets in any material for the hood and cab and a catcher bag for pintails. This kit will work on Freightliner®, Mack® and many other tractors also. If additional noses are needed, please contact Advance Components.

Gage Bilt’s highly engineered pneudraulic rivet installation tools are more affordable than other rivet tool brands, and are equipped with a one-piece piston which ensures less jamming than other brand tools. With less moving parts, GB rivet guns are easy to bleed, which makes them ideal tools for fast and permanent installation of rivet and lockbolts.


  • Less jamming with one piece piston
  • Low effort trigger
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Bendable deflector
  • Economically priced
  • Longer stroke
  • Adaptable to large variety of rivets



  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Military
  • Railways

Gage Bilt (GB) Tools vs. Other Brands:

GB vs. Avdel®/Cherry®:

  • One piece piston
  • Easy to remove value pin
  • One piece screw on base cover
  • Less moving parts
  • One piece deflector

GB vs. Huck®:

  • Air return piston
  • Easy to bleed
  • Screw-in air trigger
  • Less moving parts
  • One metal base cover

GB vs. POP®:

  • Easy to bleed (10 secs)
  • Screw-in air trigger
  • Air piston return
  • Less moving parts


Stay tuned to FastenerLab for more videos featuring the best USA-made fasteners and tools.

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