J-Nut Retainers

J-Nut Retainers or J-Type Nut Retainers are spring steel fasteners with strong multi-thread nuts that provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels. J-Nut Retainers combine the strength of the nut with flexibility of the spring steel cage. They can be easily pressed over panel edges. J-Nut Retainers can also be inserted into rectangular holes in center-panel locations. Constant alignment is maintained by an extrusion in the J-Nut retaining leg which snaps into the clearance hole.

Installing J-Nut Retainers does not require special tools or skills because they easily snap into place anywhere on the assembly line. The nut in the J-Nut “floats” to offset normal hole misalignments. J-Type Nut Retainers are the perfect heavy duty fastener for blind location assemblies.

  • Ideal for high torque assembly
  • Self retaining
  • No special tools required
  • Vibration and corrosion proof
  • Eliminates welding and clinching costs
  • Correct misaligned panel mounting holes
  • Serviceable – parts disassemble easily
  • Rust proof
  • Ideal for blind assembly
  • Universal – can be used wherever a screw or bolt is used
  • Can be applied after painting

Applications for J-Nut Retainers:

  • Heavy duty panel assemblies
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Lawn and garden

About ARaymond/Tinnerman:

ARaymond/Tinnerman is a global supplier of fastening solutions. Advance Components has been an authorized master distributor of Tinnerman products since 1972. ARaymond/Tinnerman has a large portfolio of products including stamped metal fasteners, plastic fasteners, and molded wire and cable management systems. Advance Components carries a large inventory of ARaymond/Tinnerman products for our customer’s needs. We offer low minimums, in-stock solutions and on-time delivery on all Tinnerman products. Available to purchase online, or contact the Advance sales team for applications support, quotes and samples.


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