Nylon Hose Clamps

Nylon Hose Clamps provide a secure grip on liquid, gas or vacuum lines or tubes. They are the ideal fastener for industrial projects that need a leak-proof lock. Nylon Hose Clamps have an overlapping ring of nylon that is fastened around the hose or tubing, and secured to the required tightness by compressing interacting groves in a ratcheting fashion, creating a tight sealing application.

They are easy to remove and reuse by simply separating the clamping halves in a perpendicular direction at the seal. Available in black, Nylon Hose Clamps are made of highly durable and crack resistant Nylon 6/6. They are safe for use in outdoor or indoor applications.

  • Variety of bundle diameters
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to corrosive substances
  • Nylon 6/6
  • Secure grip
  • UL approved
  • Available in black
  • Easy to install, remove and reuse
  • Vibration resistant

Applications for Nylon Hose Clamps:

  • Automotive
  • Electronic equipment
  • White goods
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Plumbing
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Marine
  • Military

About Heyco Products:

Heyco is the leading domestic designer and manufacturer of molded and stamped components for wire management and protection. They use the latest technology to make high quality injection molded products made of 6/6 nylon, polycarbonate high temperature 4/6 nylon, halogen-free VO nylon, polypropylene and other materials. Heyco manufactures products for a variety of industrial applications including Liquid Tight Cordgrips, Strain Relief BushingsDome Plugs, and Solar Cable Clips. Advance Components is a master stocking distributor of Heyco. We carry a large variety of products and have a dedicated sales team that is able to provide custom solutions to meet your specific assembly needs. If you are unable to locate a specific part, contact the sales team and we will work with you to find a part or substitute that will meet your requirements.

About Essentra Components:

Essentra Components manufactures nylon fasteners that are used in a variety of industrial and electronic applications. A global leader in the production of plastic injection molded and vinyl dip molded fasteners and components, their products are used for PCB hardware, fiber and cable management, panel fastening, furniture protection and other applications.

Essentra is dedicated to increasing their usage of recycled polymer raw materials, and working towards becoming a sustainable manufacturer dedicated to reducing their carbon foot print. By reducing carbon emissions, managing waste and conserving natural resources, they work with customers to increase usage of post-consumer recycled products.


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