Five Arm (Star) Knobs

Five Arm/Star Knobs are a clamping knobs that provide a secure connection with a strong grip for a variety of industrial applications. Available thermoplastic and phenolic materials, Five Arm/Star Knobs are the ideal knob for machinery, medical equipment, and other industrial uses. They provide a strong grip that is heat and scratch resistant, and they come in standard black, but custom colors are available to order.

Davies Molding sets the standard for domestically manufactured Five Arm/Star Knobs. With an extensive range of tools and moldings, Davies can create a wide range of knobs with plain, tapped bosses, or with standard threaded studs to fit any application. Knobs made with phenolic materials are scratch, mark and heat resistant. Davies Molding works with Advance customers to accommodate special requests for custom decorations, branding and colors.

  • Available with threaded insert or projecting stud
  • Good electrical properties
  • Thermoplastic or phenolic material
  • Custom colors upon request
  • Scratch and heat resistant

Applications for Five Arm/Star Knobs:

  • Appliances
  • Food service
  • Valve/Oil and gas
  • HVAC
  • Recreation equipment
  • Food equipment
  • Transportation
  • Medical equipment
  • Exercise machines
  • Machinery
  • Electrical equipment

About Davies Molding

Davies Molding is the leading domestic manufacturer of rubber grommets, handles, knobs, and standoffs that are used in many industrial applications. Advance is an authorized master stocking distributor of Davies Molding products. Our large inventory of Davies Molding products ensures our customers in-stock solutions and fast deliveries. Advance carries a wide variety of Davies products, and is able to purchase large quantities for custom orders. Contact the sales team for applications support, quotes and samples.

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