Over 1 Million Duplex Screws Sold!

Nov 1, 2019 | News & Events

2019 was a great year for the Duplex Screw, the amazing reusable screw¬†that is great for temporary structures, concrete formwork, storm-proofing, and….well, watch the video! Thanks to our customers for making this the most popular “green” screw in the industry.

1 million Duplex Screws Sold!

If you don’t know about the Duplex Screw allow us to introduce it to you! It’s a double-hex-head screw that is great for temporary structures such as stage sets, concrete form work, storm proofing, art installations – the list goes on! The reusable Duplex Screw has a bright orange top so it’s easy to install, find, remove and use again. You can use the Duplex Screw up to 20 times!

In recent field tests, the Duplex Screw can be installed as fast as 45 screws per minute, whereas duplex nails were at 24 per minute. That’s almost twice as many! Just think of the savings in time, reduction in injury and material costs. Installation is fast and easy with a standard 3/4″ impact driver or a Phillips screw driver. Save your thumbs and wrists, use this screw for savings all around.

Duplex Screw In Stock

Advance Components is the exclusive Master Stocking Distributor of the Duplex Screw. Our warehouse is stocked with a variety of sizes – from 1 1/4″ to 2 3/4″. You can buy boxes that ship in sizes 5, 25, and 50 pounds, or you can contact Advance for a custom order (hint: pallet!). Our highly-trained sales team is ready for your questions, quotes or sample requests. If you want to see the Duplex Screw in action, please watch one of super videos.

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