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Projection Weld Pins: On Top or Under the Head

Mar 2, 2023 | Fasteners

There are many benefits associated with the use of projection weld pins for secure welding projects. Projection welding pins have three projections or “little bumps” or metal spots either on top of the head of the pin, or on the underside of the pin’s head. The requirements of your project will decide on which pin is right for the job. Let’s explore the differences and benefits of “on top” or “under the head” projection welding pins.

Projection weld pins have a unique design that allows for the three precise weld projections located on the head to attach to the underside of the opposing panel without the need for a through hole.


On Top of the Head

Welding pins with three projections on top of the head are used when a smooth outside surface is required when the pin is fastened in place. These welding pins are ideal for permanent welds in concealed locations and blind applications.

The cold-forged construction of the weld pin provides a strong connection on the bearing surface and acts as a hinge pin, stop or mounting pin. Weld pins with three projections on top do not need a mounting hole, thus providing a smooth and durable appearance.

weld pins with projections on top of the head


Under the Head

Welding pins with three projections on the underside of the pin head are used in through-hole applications. The three precision projections permit exact positioning and balance for an optimum weld.

In through-hole applications, the head of the pin is welded to the metal component which makes the joint stronger than the surrounding area. This strong connection makes this type of weld pin ideal for hinge pins, bearing surfaces, structural supports and stops.

weld pins with projections under the head

Benefits of Projection Weld Pins

  • Great strength
  • Cupped head reduces time & jams
  • Design reduces misfires and tears
  • Conical point reduces weld time
  • Consistent weldability

Buckeye Fasteners Company

Advance stocks a wide variety of projection weld pins that are made by Buckeye Fasteners Company, the leading domestic manufacturer of welding fasteners. Buckeye Fasteners are used in the automotive, appliance, food equipment, metalworking, medical and furniture industries.

In Stock Solutions

Buckeye Fasteners are available in the Advance online store. Advance carries Buckeye weld nuts, screws and pins, and is able to work with our customers to find the right fastener for the job. Contact the Advance sales team for applications support, custom bagging and shipping options.

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