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The Duplex Screw – The #1 Reusable Screw

Jan 19, 2021 | Fasteners

What has an orange hex head top, can be reused multiple times, and comes in multiple sizes? The Duplex Screw – the #1 Reusable Screw in the construction industry.

Whether you work in construction, work in concrete, install car audio systems, construct movie sets, stages or sound studios, or are just a homeowner owner making repairs, the Duplex Screw is the screw for you.

Duplex Screws are ideal for all construction projects requiring accurate and quick assembly and disassembly. These fasteners make it easier to hold your projects together, and remove your projects quickly and easily. The only tools you need are a phillips head bit or ¼” hex screwdriver for fast installations and removals.

Benefits of the Duplex Screw

  • Easy to install = less bodily injury
  • Bright orange head = easy to find
  • Secure fit = less slipping
  • Easy removal & reuse = cost savings
  • Recyclable = less waste, carbon neutral!

Duplex Screws are initially higher in cost than regular screws or duplex nails. The overall savings is remarkable when you add in time saved and injuries avoided when using these amazing reusable screws.

Better Than Nails

Yes, traditional Nails still work and will always be used on projects, but we know that hammers can miss nails, and can cause thumb and finger injuries. Many hours of using a hammer and nails can cause wrist and shoulder fatigue – potentially creating a hazardous work environment, not to mention expensive downtime and medical costs.

The doubled head Duplex Screw acts and performs much like a double headed nail. Except this screw is easier to install, easier to find and easier to remove. Unlike a nail that you can only use once, these screws can be used multiple times saving both time and money.

In timed test #1 – a pair of form setters worked on a 50 x 50 lineal foot form using duplex nails and Duplex Screws. The worker using the Duplex Screws accomplished the same amount of work in just six hours vs. eight hours for the worker using nails. When stripping down the work, the time savings continued.

Duplex Screws vs. Nails Timed Test #1

In timed test #2, the Duplex Screw outperformed duplex nails by 47%. That’s 45 screws set per minute vs. 24 nails set per minute. A staggering savings of time and money!

Duplex Screw vs. Nails Timed Test #2

Better Than Screws

Single head screws, although they are good – have their own set of problems. They wobble, lose connection with their drill bit, and are difficult to remove when screw heads become stripped.

They can also be difficult to find when countersunk or covered by spilled concrete. Covering the screw heads with tape to prevent the screws from getting concrete in them may work, but it does not make it a better product.

In a 60 second speed test against a single head screw – The Duplex Screw outperformed by a whopping 25 percent! That’s an average of 2 hours saved in an 8 hour work day. Now that’s a great way to save money on the project!

Safety & Statistics

Hammers are basic tools being used in every aspect of the construction field, but hammers are also notorious for causing hand injuries, and among the top four cases of injury in the construction field. Most injuries are broken or badly bruised thumbs and fingers.

hammer & nail injuries graph
According to the National Safety Council, the average cost per reportable hand injury is $4,200. A badly broken finger or thumb can result in more than a month off work, and leave lasting disabilities. Other injuries, especially to eyes, can be caused by chips of metal flying off damaged hammers and nails.

Easy to Use

Just pop it on and pop it off!  You can either use a phillips head bit, or a  ¼’ hex drive which fits securely over the head of the Duplex Screw, and maintains a snug fit for easier use. No more having to apply steady pressure on the drill to ensure that the drill bit stays connected to the screw head!

Multiple Sizes

  • Available in sizes: 1 ¼”, 1 ⅝”, 1 ¾”, and 2 ¾”
  • Ship in 5 lb. boxes – great for small jobs
  • 25 lb. or 50 lb boxes –  great for large construction jobs

Who Uses the Duplex Screw?

  • Grips
  • Construction Coordinators
  • Float Builders
  • Box Crates
  • Speaker Installations
  • Storm Proofing
  • Concrete Forms
  • Theater & Stage Sets
  • Temporary Structures
  • Art Installations

Industries Served

  • Construction
  • Theater & Movie Companies
  • Convention Exhibits
  • Storm Proofing Companies
  • Firework Display Stages
  • Home Owners

Advance Components is the exclusive distributor of the Duplex Screw. Buy online, or contact the Advance sales team for samples, quotes and applications support.


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