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Types of U-Nut Fasteners

Apr 1, 2023 | Fasteners

U-Nuts are self-retaining fasteners that stay in a screw-receiving position to provide a rapid and simple attachment of mating panel assemblies. Today in FastenerLab we are looking at the most commonly used types of U-Nut fasteners: single impression U-shaped Speed Nuts®, a 5-prong style, threaded barrel style, and nut retainers – two-piece assemblies that combine the strength of a cold-headed nut with the versatility of a sheet metal cage.

U-Nuts do not turn as the screw is driven into place and correct misalignment in panel mounting holes.

All types of U-Nut fasteners can be used wherever a screw or bolt is used and are used in place of clinch-nuts and weld-nuts. They reduce strip-outs, increase joint integrity and prevent panel damage caused by misalignment.


Which U-Nut To Use

Selecting the right U-Nut for the job requires selecting the thread specification needed for the desired joint strength and panel thickness. The U-Nut must accommodate the distance from the edge of the panel to the center line of the mounting hole.


U-Nuts can work in many applications. The strength of the connection greatly depends on the type of impression and the size of the screw. The single impression U-shaped Speed Nut® is ideal for lighter duty applications, while the 5-pronged U-Nut provides a more secure connection with course thread screws, as the five prongs increases the prevailing torque to eliminate destruction. Both types of U-Nuts are easy to install and have lower profiles which creates a cleaner joint.


Threaded tapped barrel U-Nuts are ideal for machine screw applications because the tapped barrel strength is equal to that of the screw. The barrel of the U-Nut comes in prevailing torque and free-spinning options which makes it an ideal type of U-Nut for heavier applications.


For larger screw size applications, Nut Retainers are recommended. The nut easily slides over the panel edge and the panel hole, and provides a secure connection. They combine the flexibility of a spring steel cage with the strength of a steel nut.



Industries & Applications

  • Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Marine
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Lighting Equipment



  • Self-retaining – stays in screw receiving position
  • Easy to assemble – requires no special tools
  • Serviceable – parts disassemble easily and reliably
  • Design – single component eliminates small parts handling and reduces parts inventory
  • Cost saving – improves assembly time
  • Time saving – eliminates weld nuts and clinch nuts
  • Corrective – no misalignment in panel mounting holes
  • Strong – does not turn as screw is driven, no freezing on threads


These types of U-Nut fasteners are all manufactured by ARaymond/Tinnerman. Since 1972 Advance has been stocking and distributing a large variety of U-Nuts. The Advance sales team is highly trained in all applications for U-Nuts, whether for appliances, construction, furniture, electronic or marine – we have the U-Nut solution for you. Buy online or contact us for support, service, quotes and samples.


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