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Jan 13, 2023 | News & Events

Weld nuts in stock! Advance is thrilled to announce that we are now stocking weld nuts, pins and screws manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners Company. Buckeye is a division of Fastener Industries, Inc., and is a leading domestic manufacturer of welding fasteners for automotive, appliances, food equipment, metalworking, medical and furniture industries.

Buckeye Welding Fasteners, Weld Nuts In Stock


Buckeye is a world class manufacturer of low carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, cast alloy, and corrosion-resistant weld nuts. They are designed and engineered to be welded to another metallic object. Weld Nuts provide a high strength fastening solution in restricted or limited space applications.

Weld pins are ideal for automatic-feed, single-head, dual-head, multi-head, and portable systems for a wide array of applications that require a complete sheet to pin fusion.

Weld screws are designed to be welded in limited space applications. They are available with projections on top of the head, or under the head of the screw.

Advance is stocking a variety of Buckeye welding fasteners including square and hex weld nuts, tab spot weld nuts, weld screws and spot weld pins. All Buckeye products are available online and are ready for custom bagging and shipping. We are thrilled to have weld nuts in stock, and welcome any questions, quotes, and custom orders.

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