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Trim & Panel Clips: Snap-On or Slide-On

Jun 1, 2021 | Fasteners

Trim and panel clips, both snap-on and slide-on styles, are designed for use over trim strips and access plates to attach components, trim and panels together. They are lightweight and are ideal for applications where removability is a factor. Whether spring steel or plastic, trim clips eliminate the need for welding and other costly fastening assemblies.

Depending on the design, most trim clips can be used to clamp or hinge panels together, provide a removable spring catch, apply delicate spring tension on fragile materials, or secure light components within cavities.

Snap-on trim clips are simply snapped into a specific hole or onto the substrate making installation and removal easy. The retaining legs are self-equalizing as they squeeze in for easy mounting. They assure a snug, rattle-free installation, yet will yield to deliberate removal force applied to the trim or plate.

The U-shape on most slide-on style trim clips makes for an easy slide-on application. They provide a strong clamping action for a firm, vibration-free assembly, and are self-sufficient requiring no holes, screws, welds, rivets or other secondary fastening devices.


  • Parts are hidden
  • Unblemished exposed panel surfaces
  • Removable, reusable
  • Easy to install
  • No tool required
  • Easy to disassemble


Standard trim clips are the most widely used in industrial assemblies. They can be used to allow panels to withstand disassembly with light to moderate loads.

High strength trim clips are used in similar panel orientations as standard panel clips, but are used when the panels are subjected to stronger or cyclical loading.

Single-sided trim clips are often used in tandem with other single-sided panel clips to engage and edge of a cavity.

Dart style plastic clips are ideal for lightweight applications, and are ideal for simple assembly or for products that are shipped knocked-down for consumer assembly. Plastic push-pins and ratchet-style fir tree clips are vibration and corrosion-proof.

Right angle trim clips are great for attaching two parallel sheet surfaces.



  • Trim applications
  • Close-out applications
  • Vending
  • ATM
  • Specialty furniture applications
  • Appliances
  • Military
  • HVAC
  • Marine
  • Electronics
  • Construction


Types of Trim & Panel Clips

U-Clips simply slide on for an easy slide-on application. Whether the material is wood, plastic or metal, U-shaped panel clips provide a strong clamping action for a firm, vibration-free assembly. The turned-up lead lips on one or both legs allows for fast assembly. Barbs attached to the legs of some styles provide positive retention on the panel.

U-Clip Specials provide an extra element to help solve specific applications. Special spring steel trim clips all have flexible designs that can be pierced, lanced, formed, shaped and drawn to solve fastening problems and reduce total manufacturing costs.

S-Clips are used for attaching parallel panels facing opposite directions. S-Clips are made of spring steel that cushions the joint preventing chipping or damages during shipping or handling.

Dart Type clips require a cavity or mounting hole for application. They can be applied from the front or top of the panel, thus eliminating blind or limited access fastening problems. Plastic Push-Pins, Arrow Clips, KeyHole Clips and Xmas Tree Clips are all applied with minimal force, yet provide a corrosion-proof, shock and vibration resistant fastening solution that will not work loose.


Clips In Stock

As a master stocking distributor, Advance stocks a wide variety of panel and trim clips from ARaymond/Tinnerman and Essentra Components. Self-sufficient metal and plastic clips are a reliable and economical fastening solution for attaching panels safely and securely to improve quality and reduce assembly costs.

The Advance sales team is highly trained in fastener applications for panel and trim assemblies. Contact us for application support, samples and quotes. We offer competitive pricing, custom bagging and kitting, and fast shipping. Whether it’s slide-on or snap-on, Advance has your clip!

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