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Digital Certifications for Fasteners

Jul 2, 2022 | Fasteners

Some customers request a certification or “cert” when ordering fasteners and installation tools. There are many different types of “certs” that recognize a level of achievement related to a company, products or processes in a company. Many products come with a certification that ensures its quality and strength in order to meet production codes.

Advance has partnered with SmartCert® by Aramid Technologies to streamline the certification process. SmartCert® uses QR codes to bind documentation to parts while adding a layer of security with packages and shipments by eliminating paperwork. Digital certifications for fasteners will connect us all to the vital information needed. Several of our suppliers – Parker Fasteners and Goebel Fasteners have partnered with SmartCert® as well, which will make the certification process for those products fast and effortless.

SmartCert® acts as a universal collaboration platform between suppliers, distributors and OEMs who can seamlessly exchange documents.


SmartCert QR codes for fasteners

SmartCert® benefits

  • Binds documentation to parts using QR codes
  • Reduces missing paperwork of scrapped parts
  • Streamlines transfer of industry-required certifications
  • Adds speed
  • Makes vital information readily available
  • Adds control and safety to critical part information
  • Allows users to instantly scan warehouse parts for information and parts in real time


How it works

The Advance Distribution Team will call up the cert on their smartphone, print and affix a QR code to the packing slip and the shipping label to provide real-time access to the product certifications. Digital links to the certs will also be included on the packing list. Certifications that are not in the system can be captured by a hand-held scanner or smart-phone and stored digitally. New certs can be added any time as parts are changed or modified.

Advance’s ERP system is connected with the SmartCert® API which allows for the push and pull of data to initiate and automate certs. We will be implementing SmartCert® with our e-commerce platform in summer 2022.

Alex Acosta, Advance’s Director of Operations, says the SmartCert® technology will reduce duplicated and manual steps in the cert management process, and will allow the distribution team to work more efficiently and effectively.

SmartCert for fasteners


Customer Benefits

  • 24/7 access to when and where you need it
  • Self-service tools
  • Centralized archive of SmartCerts® from your vendors
  • Real time updates
  • Up to 10 users to expand access internally to certs
  • Streamline workflow


Certifications for Fasteners

The Fastener Quality Act (FQA) is required for each lot of heat-treated and grade-marked fasteners, so many types of industrial fasteners do not have certs. Advance has always worked with our customers to provide the needed certs to complete the purchase. Some common types of certifications for fasteners are:


CofC – Certificate of Compliance (or Conformance)

States that the product being supplied meets the customers (or industry) specifications.

MTR- Material Test Report

Lists the results of the physical properties of the product.

Plating Cert

Reports the type and thickness of plating material that was applied and the color of the chromate used.

ISIR – Initial Sample Inspection Report

Provides the dimensional and physical properties of the product.

PPAP- Production Part Approval Process

Documents that all the equipment used for making the parts are capable of meeting the specification requirements.

A new partnership

Our customers know that Advance will provide the certification of a product or brand to ensure the products are tested for quality assurance and strength in order to meet building codes and achieve certification. By working with our suppliers and partnering with SmartCert® our customers will be able to attain digital certifications for fasteners via a seamless and hassle-free platform. Contact the Advance Team for more information about SmartCert® technology, or click here for an overview and set-up instructions.



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