FastenerLab Video debuts with Gage Bilt

Sep 7, 2022 | News & Events

FastenerLab Gage Bilt video

FastenerLab now features videos about Advance’s products. The debut video is hosted by Mallory Nichols, VP of Business Development at Advance, and features Gage Bilt’s GB722TCKL rivet and lock bolt installation kit. It’s an informative video that gives you a look at what is inside the red metal case that houses the GB722 pneudraulic installation tool, nose assemblies and components.

“Sometimes it’s just better to get your eyes on a product to give you an idea of its size and weight, how it works, and the components that go with it,” says Nichols. “With video we can show the customer all of the product’s features, which can be very helpful when deciding on any type of purchase.”

Upcoming FastenerLab videos will feature products in the Advance warehouse and on the road, and videos highlighting Advance’s value-added services. If you have an idea for a video, please contact us at to connect!

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