Gage Bilt Rivet & Lockbolt Tools

Apr 14, 2021 | News & Events

Gage Bilt Rivet & Lockbolt Tools

Gage Bilt Rivet & Lockbolt Installation Tools joins the Advance line-up! We are excited to offer our customers a line of economical fastening tools that are easy to use with a wide variety of commercial rivets. Gage Bilt rivet & lockbolt tools are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. Gage Bilt rivet drivers are compatible with Avdel®, Cherry®, Huck®, POP® and other industrial rivets.

Compared to other rivet installation tools, Gage Bilt tools are superior in maintenance, operation and service. There is less jamming with the one-piece piston, and safer operation with the bendable deflector as the operator is less likely to remove it. The low-effort trigger on many models reduces operator fatigue, and the longer stroke provides single stroke installations.

Gage Bilt vs. Other Tools

Since 1956, Gage Bilt has been one of the leading domestic manufacturers of rivet installation fastener tools. Advance is thrilled to be a master distributor of Gage Bilt rivet driving tools, providing our customers with another quality product that is cost saving, easy to use and very compatible with such a wide array of commercial rivets.

“Gage Bilt is a great addition to the products Advance brings to the industry,” says Gary Cravens, Advance’s President. “Our goal remains to be a customer-focused company, so we work hard to provide the best products, the best prices and the best customer service, and Gage Bilt is the perfect fit.”

Gage Bilt pneumatic-hydraulic rivet installation tools come in a variety of styles. Nose assemblies are sold separately and are available in straight, right-angle and offset styles. Other components, such as service kits, jaw assemblies, springs, collets, pullers and hose kits are available as well.

Contact the Advance sales team for more information on Gage Bilt rivet & lockbolt installation tools.

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