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HUCK Yes! Gage Bilt Rivet Tools Cost Less & Do More

May 1, 2023 | Tools

Looking for affordable rivet tools? Gage Bilt rivet tools are a great alternative to other big name rivet and lock bolt installation tools. They are used to install a wide variety of commercial rivets and lock bolts including Huck®, Avdel®, Cherry®, and POP®, Magn-Grip®, BOM®, and Avbolt®.

There are many advantages to using Gage Bilt rivet tools instead of the other the installation tools on the market. Besides being less expensive, Gage Bilt tools are easier to use and maintain.


The Gage Bilt Advantage

Simple Design

With less moving parts, Gage Bilt guarantee fast and hassle-free installations. A one piece bendable deflector, one piece piston and one piece metal base cover create a simple tool that won’t break on the job. More parts equals more inventory and more failure.


One Piece Piston

Each Gage Bilt rivet gun has a one piece piston which is less likely to jam. Other tools have two piece pistons which can create pintail jams which can cause delays and headaches.


Easy Trigger

The trigger design on both the pneumatic and pneudraulic tools reduces operator fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome. A low effort trigger gives operators more control, precision and confidence.


Longer Stroke

The low effort trigger has a longer stroke which facilitates a single stroke installation of commercial rivets and lock bolts.


Easy To Bleed

Gage Bilt tools can be bleed in 10 seconds, whereas other installation tools can be difficult to bleed and can take up to 10 minutes to bleed. Time is money.

One Metal Base Cover

Strong, yet lightweight, the metal base cover is connected with one screw which makes it easy to remove. Plastic base covers are subject to breakage when the operator sets the tool down or tries to remove it.


Safer Operation

With a one-piece bendable deflector, the operator is less likely to remove it during operation. Other tools have plastic parts and three-piece deflectors that are prone to breakage.



Gage Bilt tools are designed to be used with a wide variety of commercial rivets and lock bolts. They are adaptable for use in a multitude of applications with fasteners from the leading manufacturers.

Gage Bilt Rivet Tools vs. Other Brands


About Gage Bilt

Since 1956 Gage Bilt has been manufacturing affordable rivet tools, nose assemblies and components for the commercial and aerospace industries. Made in the USA, Gage Bilt manufactures more than 70 models of rivet and lock bolt installation tools and own several patents for their ergonomic systems.


In Stock Solutions

Advance Components stocks a large variety of Gage Bilt rivet tools that are available in our online store 24/7. Products purchased by 2PM CST, ship that day. Say HUCK Yes, and order your Gage Bilt rivet tools today!

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