Solar Panel Tools & Fasteners

Jan 29, 2024 | News & Events

Solar panel tools and fasteners are in-stock at Advance. Harness the power of solar with Gage Bilt rivet drivers, nose assemblies and power units; Goebel blind rivets; and Heyco’s full line of solar clips, cable ties liquid-tight cord grips for easy solar panel installations.

Solar panel installation tools and fasteners

Gage Bilt rivet drivers are an affordable and adaptable choice for installing a variety of rivets and lock bolts on solar panels. They work with Gage Bilt power units and nose assemblies, yet can work with HUCK® power units as well. Gage Bilt rivet tools are ergonomic and can be used with one hand which makes them ideal for field work. Gage Bilt nose assemblies work seamlessly with Gage Bilt rivet tools, and are easy to attach and remove.

Goebel blind rivets come in many styles and are a strong choice for secure, corrosion-proof attachments. Goebel rivets come in Heyco’s full line of SunRunner® clips, SunBundler® cables and Heyco Nytye® cable ties with mounting platforms, locking devices, nylon and stainless steel provide an easy solution for holding bundles of cables to a mounting frame. Heyco-Tite Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cord Grips provide strain relief and a liquid-tight seal at the threaded mounting.

Advance is thrilled to offer a full solar solution to our customers. Shop online 24/7 or contact sales for your solar solution.


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