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5 Types of Push-On Fasteners

No matter what you call them - Push-Ons, Push-Nuts or Palnuts, these fasteners provide a fast and effective attachment on integral studs, rivets, tubing, nails and other unthreaded parts. Made of quality carbon spring steel, ARaymond Tinnerman Palnut Push-On fasteners...

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Top 5 Types of Fasteners for HVAC

Top Five Types of Fasteners for HVAC Applications Manufacturers of HVAC equipment are always searching for fasteners that make their assembly processes move quickly and cost efficiently. The Top Five Types of Fasteners for HVAC applications are for assembly-line...

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Top 5 Push-On Fasteners for Studs

What’s the best fastener that will grip onto a stud and not budge? Push-On Type Nuts by ARaymond/Tinnerman/Palnut do the job. Many in the fastener industry know these fasteners as a type of Palnut - the original manufacturer of Push-On fasteners. We get calls and...

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