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Top 5 Push-On Fasteners for Studs

Jan 4, 2021 | Fasteners

What’s the best fastener that will grip onto a stud and not budge?

Push-On Type Nuts by ARaymond/Tinnerman/Palnut do the job. Many in the fastener industry know these fasteners as a type of Palnut – the original manufacturer of Push-On fasteners. We get calls and emails often with one request – “Do you have any Palnuts?.” The answer is yes we do have Palnuts! Here are the Top 5 Push-On Fasteners (Palnuts) for Studs.

Palnut Push-On Type Nuts provide lightning-fast attachments as they zip down over integral studs, rivets, tubing, nails and other unthreaded parts.

They are easy to use. Push-Ons or Push Nuts keeps panels attached as they take a positive bite on metal, plastic or wood, and grip securely even on very smooth, hard surfaces.  They eliminate warranty issues caused by vibration loosening and don’t require tools – eliminating time-consuming assembly operations.

Push-Ons are made of quality carbon spring steel that is heat treated for a long, dependable service life at a minimum of assembly cost. With a small profile and lightweight design, they are ideal for small electronic and mechanical devices. They eliminate the need for machined screws and weld nuts, and provide a secure, vibration-proof fastening solution.

How to Apply Stud Retaining Push-Ons:

Applying Push-On Type Nuts is easy. You can simply press them into place with your fingers, or use a hand tool to zip them on. They can be used as free parts which are pressed over the shaft, stud or rod ends, or they can be used as captive parts when retained on a panel in a stud-receiving position.

It’s simple: whether the fastener is applied to the work, or the work is applied to the fastener, the method is simply to position the two in square alignment and zip them into locked position.


The Top 5 Push-On Fasteners for Studs


PS Style – Sheared Push-On Fasteners

PS Style Push-OnsSheared Push-On Fasteners PN Style have inner teeth that are flexible, allowing them accommodate larger round stud sizes and variations. Panels will not come apart as these Push-Nuts bite and lock into position for a vibration-free assembly.

They can be pre-assembled or automated on any place along the assembly line. Simply pressed into place, Sheared Push-Ons are lightweight, making them ideal for small devices.


PV Style – Serrated Push-On Fasteners

Serrated PV Style Push-On FastenersWith strong, yet flexible serrated teeth, PV Style Push-Ons can handle many stud size variations. Simply side them onto unthreaded studs, rods, nails or tubing – and Serrated Push-Ons will grip tight to prevent panels from coming apart.

ARaymond/Tinnerman/Palnut PV Style Push Ons have a one-piece design that eliminates the need for extra fasteners or parts, thus saving costs for parts and warehousing.


PN Style – Insert Push-On Fasteners

PN Style Insert Push-OnsPN Style Insert Push-On Fasteners or Round Type Push Nuts slide and bite into position with minimal effort. Used over unthreaded studs, nails, tubing or shafts, Insert Push-Ons have a large bearing surface so they can be installed with an automated assembly or pre-assembled to trim pieces.

Round Type Push Nuts come in flat, 2,4 and 6-prong styles, and have a low profile design that is perfect for small, lightweight applications.


Rectangular Push-On Fasteners

Rectangular Push-OnRectangular Push-On Fasteners or Flat Type Push Nuts by Palnut can replace standard threaded nuts and lock washers as they lock into position when pressed onto a shaft, stud or rod end. The inner teeth grip tight into place preventing panels from disengaging.

Palnut Flat Type Push-Ons provide a fast, vibration-proof attachment on thick or thin panels. Costly tooling, mounting brackets, tapped hole, washer, welded or complicated threaded fastening devices are eliminated.


PG Style – Retaining Rings/Thinwalls

PG Style Retaining RingsRetaining Rings Thin Walls Push-On Fasteners or Thinwalls don’t have inner teeth, but a smooth rigid steel interior that provides high retention when applied over unthreaded studs or shafts. Palnut Thinwalls slide easily into place with tools, or the stud can be pushed into the fastener.

PG Style Retaining Rings have an ultra low profile design which makes them perfect for applications on electronic and mechanical devices. Thinwalls are super lightweight, but hold like a heavyweight!


So there you have The Top 5 Push-On Fasteners for Studs – true stud retainers by ARaymond/Tinnerman/Palnut. Since 1972 Advance has been stocking and distributing Push-Ons, Push-Nuts, Stud Receivers – whatever you want to call them – we stock them. The Advance sales team is highly trained in all applications for Push-Ons, whether for appliances, construction, furniture, electronic or toys – we have the Push-On solution for you. Buy online or contact us for support, service, quotes and samples.

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