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Top 5 Types of Fasteners for HVAC

May 1, 2021 | Fasteners

Top Five Types of Fasteners for HVAC Applications

Manufacturers of HVAC equipment are always searching for fasteners that make their assembly processes move quickly and cost efficiently. The Top Five Types of Fasteners for HVAC applications are for assembly-line operators who need fasteners that help them to the job faster and easier while also reducing costs.

HVAC systems are complex and require a lot of moving parts, especially when it comes to industrial fasteners. In this post we are exploring products from one of the top manufacturer of specialty fasteners in the USA – ARaymond/Tinnerman.

Spring steel specialty fasteners save time and money as they reduce material waste, require no special tools or skills, and are easy to install and remove.

Panel and Trim Clips

Panel and Trim Clips for HVAC applications

S-Clips, U-Clips, Edge-Mount Cable Clips and Special Clips for HVAC applications.

Snap-in panel and trim clips provide a secure and cost-efficient fastening solution. Spring steel panel clips are suitable for high-temperature applications such as HVAC, and provide a strong connection when attaching mating panels or trim.

When space or design elements prevent welding or drilling, panel clips are a great fastening solution that results in a perfect, clean finish. Time and money are saved as assembly operations are simplified – no screws to install.

ARaymond/Tinnerman panel and trim clips that are used in HVAC applications are S-Clips, U-Clips, Special Clips, and Edge-Mount Cable Clips.

Trim and panel clips are fast and easy to install and are ideal for close-out panels, decorative panels and trim panels.


    • Install in seconds
    • Eliminates mechanical fasteners from view
    • Improves aesthetics
    • Lightweight
    • Reduces vibration

Self-Retaining Threaded Fasteners

Self-Retaining Threaded Fasteners for HVAC applications.

U-Shaped Speed Nuts, J-Shaped Speed Nuts, U-Nut Retainers, J-Nut Retainers, and U-Nuts Tapped Barrel style.

ARaymond/Tinnerman’s spring steel U-Shaped and J-Shaped Speed Nuts, U-Nut RetainersJ-Nut Retainers, and  U-Nut Tapped Barrel style fasteners slide easily over the edges of panels. They provide a strong solution for thin sheet metal panels in HVAC units that are attached to an internal metal frame.

Self-retaining threaded fasteners stay in place and do not creep. They possess high tensile strength and are easily installed with low push-on pressure, so no special tools or skills are required for installation.


    • Eliminates damage due to screw stripping
    • Accommodates a variety of build specs
    • Easy to use

Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts for HVAC applications

Cage Nuts, Rack Nuts, Captive Nuts

Cage Nuts by ARaymond/Tinnerman are commonly used on HVAC equipment as they simply snap into a bolt receiving position at any convenient spot along the assembly line.

Cage Nuts or Rack Nuts are a combination of a spring steel fastener and a high-strength multi-thread nut. They do not require special tools or skills. Cage Nuts are self-retaining and are ideal for blind location assembly. They come in a variety of sizes for panel thicknesses of 0.5-6.4mm.


    • Easy to install and disassemble
    • Self-retaining
    • Reduces vibrations
    • No special tools required
    • Can be applied anywhere on the assembly line

Palnut Stamped Nuts

Palnut Stamped Nuts for HVAC applications

Self-Threading Hex Nuts, Self-Threading Washers, Threaded Hex Lock Nuts, and Threaded Lock Nut Washers.

Used instead of traditional hex nuts to reduce weight or for applications requiring lower torque, Palnut Stamped Nuts lock tightly and prevent disassembly.

Palnut Stamped Nuts are washer-style nuts that have an integrated washer that compensates for component build variations. The need for extra parts is eliminated as the all-in-one design can replace several smaller parts.

Parts included in the ARaymond/Tinnerman Stamped Nuts family are Self-Threading Hex Nuts, Self-Threading Washers, Threaded Hex Lock Nuts, and Threaded Lock Nut Washers.

To reduce noise and ensure a watertight assembly, a seal can be added.


    • Eliminates need for washers, lock washers
    • Reduces inventory costs
    • Requires less torque, reducing damage to panels
    • Eliminates need for threaded rod or screw

Palnut Push-Ons

Palnut Push-On Fasteners for HVAC applications

Bolt Retainers, Insert Push-Ons, Rectangular Push-Ons, Retaining Rings/Thinwalls, Sheared Push-Ons, and Serrated Push-Ons.

Palnut Push-Ons are an easy way to hold screws or bolts in place before the nut is positioned and tightened. Palnut shaft retainers cover smooth studs, metric studs, weld-studs, and grooved studs or shafts. Push-Ons are excellent fasteners for applications where space is limited.

Palnut Push-Ons by ARaymond/Tinnerman that are ideal for HVAC applications are Bolt Retainers, Insert Push-Ons (PN Style), Rectangular Push-Ons, Retaining Rings/Thinwalls, Sheared Push-Ons (PS Style), and Serrated Push-Ons (PV Style).


    • Light duty, low cost alternative
    • Low profile design for small installations
    • Reduces assembly time
    • No tools needed
    • Maximum holding power

For more information of the Top Five Types of Fasteners for HVAC applications, contact Advance sales team. Since 1972 we have been an authorized master distributor for ARaymond/Tinnerman products. We have the stock and service to help you find the right part for the job.

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