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Improve Efficiency With Color-Coded Hose Clamps

Apr 5, 2021 | Fasteners

Color-coded hose clamps are an easy time-saving feature that helps installers select the correct clamp for the hose diameter. Hose clamps with colored identifying marks improve efficiency during assembly and streamline the installation process.

The CLIC family of hose clamps manufactured by Caillau have colored markers that identify the diameter of the clamp. Color-coding is a valuable organization tool, as it influences our thought processes as the brain quickly associates color and assigns meaning. With color-coding, installers can always be sure to select the correct clamp for the job.

In manufacturing, color coding is used to keep processes running smoothly, as it makes identification easier and quicker to determine.

Caillau CLIC hose clamps are highly-engineered screw-free single piece clamps that are fast and easy to install with pliers. They are maintenance free and can be reused. CLIC hose clamps come in 3 styles: CLIC, CLIC R and CLIC E. If you are looking to improve the efficiency of installation, then colored-coded hose clamps by Caillau could be the solution.

CLIC Hose Clamps

CLIC hose clamps have colored plastic tabs that identify the diameter of the clamp. They are lightweight and compact, and ensure a tight fit between a hose and pipe-end at temperatures ranging from -30˚ to +130˚C. CLIC clamps are removable and reusable.

Colored-Coded Hose Clamps, CLIC Hose Clamps


CLIC E Hose Clamps

CLIC E hose clamps also have color-coded plastic tabs for diameter identification. It consists of two 9 mm-wide stainless steel bands, the latch and the belt. The latch band has a spring that ensures an elastic function once the clamp is installed onto the hose. They deliver great clamping force in applications temperatures ranging from -40˚ to +140˚C. CLIC E clamps are removable and reusable.

CLIC E color-coded hose clamps

CLIC R Hose Clamps

CLIC R hose clamps have a thin colored stamped line surrounding the clamp for diameter identification. They have a hole or slot to position it on a hose, and are designed to be used in temperatures ranging from -30˚ to +130˚C.CLIC R clamps are removable and reusable.

CLIC R color-coded hose clamps



All 3 styles of CLIC hose clamps can be fitted and removed with standard tools such as pliers or a screwdriver. Caillau recommends using specific tools like the Caillau manual pliers which make it easier to install and remove the clamps. Installation is easy, and the audible “click” when applied ensures a tight fit that is resistant to vibration, pressure and pull-off.



Engine construction

Electrical appliances

Mechanical engineering

Ship Industry

Pumps and filters

Suction lines

Irrigation systems

Washing machine hoses

Ventilation pipes

Chemical industry

Agricultural machinery

Fuel and oil systems

Steering boots

Steering and cooling systems

Food and beverage industry


Accuracy and Ease

With color-coded hose clamps, a higher level of accuracy is achieved during applications. Hose clamps can be sorted easily and quickly by color for faster selection during assembly. The search for an easy-to-identify hose clamp ends with Caillau CLIC clamps! Advance is a master distributor of CLIC hose clamps by Caillau. We offer a wide selection of clamps, and a full menu of value-added services including kitting, bagging, labeling, barcoding and shipping. Our sales team is always available to assist you in finding the right hose clamp for the job.

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