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Fasteners for Appliances/White Goods

Jan 31, 2022 | Fasteners

Fasteners for White Goods (large appliances) are often never seen but are vital in holding power and performance. “White Goods” are typically dishwashers, stoves, washing machines and dryers, and other appliances that used to be manufactured in the color white, when white was the only option. In today’s market, you can buy an appliance in just about any color, so the term “white goods” applies to basically any large appliance in the kitchen or home, whether it’s burnt orange, red or white.

We rarely get the chance to see inside our dishwasher or refrigerator, but if we could, we’d see a lot of small specialty fasteners that hold it all together.

Most fasteners are very small and lightweight, yet have holding power that keeps the panels together, the wires in line and the parts moving smoothly. There are many manufacturers of fasteners that go into the assembly of white goods, but one that stands out is ARaymond Industrial, the manufacturer of specialty Tinnerman/Palnut fasteners. These fasteners are ideal as they make assembly fast and affordable for many appliance manufacturers.


Types of Fasteners for Appliances

Fasteners for White Goods - Appliances


Panel & Trim Clips

Easy and fast assembly without tools, panel and trim clips eliminate mechanical fasteners from view which improves the aesthetics of the product. For maximum benefit, they should be specified early in the design process.


Push Pins/Darts/Rivets

Plastic push pins, darts and rivets decrease the overall cost by reducing assembly time and re-work association with sheet metal screws. They are quick and easy to install without tools, and are lightweight which makes them ideal for small components.


Self-Retaining Threaded Nuts

Self-retaining threaded nuts eliminate the need for re-work and the potential replacement of an entire panel due to sheet metal screw stripping. U-Nuts accommodate build variations which make assembly easier and more consistent.


Palnut Stamped Nuts

Specialty Palnut stamped nuts eliminate the need for a washer and lock-washer which reduces material and inventory costs. They require less torque and reduce possible damage to more sensitive panels caused by over-torquing. Self-threading stamped Palnuts eliminate the need for a threaded rod or screw, and can be assembled directly to injection molded parts.


Palnut Push Ons

Designed with a low profile design that allows parts to be used in small mechanical and electrical devices, Palnut Push On fasteners provide a light duty, low-cost alternative to more traditional assembly methods. Installations are fast and easy as Palnut Push Ons are easily applied without tools. Ideal for small components that are not subjected to heavy loads, yet provide maximum holding power and eliminate warranty issues.


About the Manufacturer

Since 1865, ARaymond has been a leading global manufacturer of metal and plastic fasteners that are valued for their design for use in industrial applications. Since acquiring Tinnerman/Palnut, ARaymond has boosted their capabilities as a premier manufacturer of specialty fasteners for industrial applications.


In Stock Solutions

Since 1972, Advance Components has been a master distributor of Tinnerman/Palnut fastening products, and continues the partnership with ARaymond as a stocking distributor of the widest selection of Tinnerman/Palnut fasteners in the industry.

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