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How AVK Pneumatic Tools Install Blind Threaded Inserts

Jun 26, 2023 | Tools

We often get asked, how do AVK Pneumatic Tools install blind threaded inserts? It’s a simple process once you match the specific installation tool with the insert. AVK Industrial Products recommends AVK ARO pneumatic tools to install AVK blind threaded inserts.

The AVK ARO pneumatic tool has an ergonomic design and a rocker-type forward and reverse trigger that is easy, dependable and comfortable to use. The quick-change thread adaption kit assembly allows for an easy removal of the tool’s nose assembly without the need for wrenches.

AVK Pneumatic tools provide the highest RPM for the thread size selected, resulting in optimum installation speed.


AVK ARO Pneumatic Installation Tools

How AVK Pneumatic Tools Work

The AVK ARO spin on/torque stall/spin to reverse pneumatic tool install AVK inserts regardless of the material thickness without adjustment. It’s an important feature for in-plant quality control.

Here’s how to use the tools to install blind threaded inserts:

  • The operator quarter turns an AVK threaded insert onto the tool mandrel and places it into the hole in the parent material.
  • The top trigger is depressed and the tool mandrel spins into the insert.
  • The head of the threaded insert is gripped by the knurling at the nose piece preventing it from spinning as the threaded area of the insert “walks” up the mandrel.
  • As this occurs, the AVK insert expands within the hole wall – providing hole fill and forming a secondary flange against the backside of the parent material.
  • The tool continues to torque the insert’s threaded – causing the knurling to bite into the backside edge of the parent material.
  • The tool stalls when it reaches its predetermined stall torque. This occurs even if the parent material varies in thickness. AVK ARO tools need no adjustments in install AVK inserts in variable thickness materials.
  • The operator then presses the lower reverse trigger which causes the mandrel to spin out of the installed insert.

Watch AVK ARO pneumatic tools in action in this video.

How To Install AVK Inserts Video

Design Benefits

The AVK ARO tool uses torque to install AVK blind threaded inserts. It needs no adjustment to install inserts in variable thickness materials.

  • The ergonomic design is comfortable and only weighs 3 lbs.
  • The rocker style trigger is easy to use and minimizes operator fatigue.
  • The knurled nose assembly eliminates any torque “kick” during installation.
  • Preventative maintenance is quick and easy with the “quick change” thread adaption kit. No tools are required to access these parts.
  • The rugged design of the tool casing, components and AVK thread adaption kit are solid and reliable.


Styles of AVK ARO Pneumatic Tools

AVK ARO manufactures a variety of styles of pneumatic installation tools for specific types of AVK blind threaded inserts. Once you have selected the type of insert and thread size required for your application, you can then select the appropriate RPM tool. Refer to the complete AVK Industrial Products catalog for more information about tool selection.


In Stock Solutions

Advance Components is an authorized master stocking distributor for AVK Industrial Products. We have an extensive variety of blind threaded inserts and AVK ARO Pneumatic installation tools in stock. Advance is also an authorized AVK ARO installation tool repair station. Contact us for in-stock solutions, tool repairs, applications support, and quotes.

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