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What are DFARS sourced materials?

Nov 1, 2023 | Fasteners

Some industrial fasteners are used in applications that require strict material standards. One of our partners – Parker Fasteners – manufactures socket head cap screws with DFARS sourced materials. What are DFARS sourced materials? DFARS stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. DFARS sourced materials refers to raw materials and components sourced in adherence with guidelines set by the US Department of Defense (DoD) for use in products supplied to the military and defense contractors.


Here are some key points about DFARS sourced materials:


  • DFARS provides strict rules for where materials used in DoD contracting can be originally sourced and processed.
  • For many materials like metals, only domestic US melting sources are permitted, except from certain approved foreign sources with security trade agreements.
  • ¬†Additionally, all subsequent steps after initial production like forging, machining, finishing, etc. must occur domestically in the US or other designated countries per DFARS guidelines.
  • Companies that provide DFARS-compliant materials must have their processes audited and certified to validate full supply chain transparency and conformance.
  • Common materials with DFARS designations include steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, and various alloys used in defense-related manufacturing.
  • Products containing DFARS materials like fasteners or electronics must be certified DFARS compliant with full traceability.
  • The purpose is to ensure secure, reliable supply chains for critical defense materiel, free from foreign dependency risks.
  • DFARS sourced materials bring increased costs but are mandatory for defense contractors to meet DoD acquisition regulations.


Government Applications

Parker Fasteners DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) fasteners are used in the following industries and applications:

  • Military and Defense Contractors – Any suppliers providing products or services to the US Department of Defense must use DFARS compliant fasteners and components. This includes weapons systems, vehicles, aircraft, ships, electronics, machinery, infrastructure, etc.
  • Aerospace and Aviation – Commercial and military aviation manufacturers use DFARS fasteners in building aircraft, engines, avionics systems, ground support equipment, and space systems.
  • Shipbuilding – Naval vessel construction adheres to DFARS regulations, so marine grade fasteners must conform. Commercial shipbuilding may also specify DFARS approved hardware.
  • Government Contracting – Other products supplied to government agencies like NASA, national labs, federal facilities, and infrastructure projects often require DFARS compliant components.


Commercial Applications

Parker Fasteners follows strict DFARS guidelines for domestic sourcing and supply chain integrity for use in commercial applications including:

  • Critical Infrastructure – Some utilities, telecoms, and industrial manufacturers choose DFARS fasteners for critical system integrity even if not required.
  • Medical and Safety Equipment – Life-saving equipment manufacturers sometimes use DFARS fasteners voluntarily for their strict quality standards.
  • High-Reliability Equipment – DFARS fasteners also appear in specialty equipment for extracting, chemical, nuclear, and other industries where reliability is paramount.



In Stock at Advance

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