A-T Series Threaded Inserts-Aluminum

The A-T Series Knurled Threaded Insert is unique in that it can be installed into most any material above .030/,76 mm in thickness. As the A-T Insert is installed, the threaded portion is completely swaged 360° into the sleeve portion and the hole. This permits the A-T Insert to be used with Grade 8/Metric 12.9 mating screws.

The A-T Series Knurled Threaded Insert is installed using lightweight, handheld pneumatic AVK tools that can be located at any position in your product’s assembly sequence. The A-T Insert can be installed either prior to or after finish.




Reduced overall length of the installed A-T Series Insert allows it to be used in limited clearance applications.

Quality installations even in variable thickness materials are assured by AVK’s spin/spin ARO pneumatic tools and our SPP pneumatic/hydraulic tools.

Inventory reduction is possible because one A-T Series Insert will work in any thickness material above .030/,76 mm.

Can be used with grade 8/Metric Class 12.9 Screws due to the A-T Series high shear load capability.

Available in steel from stock. Aluminum, brass and Series 304 stainless steel are available by special order.

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