Self Clinching Fasteners

Self Clinching Fasteners are used in a variety of industrial and electronic applications, and are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Clinch fasteners have strong threads that can attach in metal as thin as .008″/0.20mm. They provide a strong grip and torque-out resistance, and eliminate the need for extra parts such as washers and nuts so the shorter assembly time means lower costs. With greater holding power and reusability than sheet metal screws, Captive fasteners can be installed during fabrication or during final assembly to eliminate loose hardware.

Please contact sales to purchase, quote or sample. Not available in the Advance on-line store.

  • Cost saving
  • High torque
  • Strong threads
  • No special hole requirements
  • No retapping necessary
  • Flush installation, no rim protrusion
  • Installed using parallel acting squeezing force
  • Can be installed with automation
  • Eliminates lock washers

Applications for Self Clinching Fasteners:

  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Communication equipment
  • Vending and ATM machines
  • Automotive
  • Fabricated metal products
  • Industrial controls

About Captive Fastener Corporation

Captive Fastener Corp. has been manufacturing fastening products since 1972. As one of the leading domestic manufacturers, Captive is dedicated to producing and supplying a wide range of products under a strict quality control program. Captive Fastener Corp. manufactures a variety of fasteners for applications into sheet metal including: self clinching nuts, self clinching studs, self clinching standoffs, self clinching panel fasteners, and weld nuts. Captive also makes broaching fasteners for PC boards. Advance Components is an authorized distributor of Captive Fastener Corp. fastening products. Our sales team is trained in applications, and is able to quote and source products for custom orders, bagging and shipping.


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